This course is a basic undergraduate course in theater skills, and also the beginning of the students' understanding of the theater. This course first introduces students to the theater, to allow them to become familiar with the evolution of Western theater, so that they have full knowledge and understanding of the theater. Secondly, it provides a foundation in the actual production and learning of theater skills, to facilitate future participation in behind-the-scenes theater work.
Course objectives:
1. Familiarity with the theater. 2. Familiarity with stage performance organization. 3. Familiarity with stage sound effects and sound systems. 4. Familiarity with stage lighting and skills. 5. Familiarity and use of stage skills. 6. Basic woodworking machine operation and tool use. 7. Basic materials and woodworking of stage scenery and props. 8. Painting of stage scenery and props. 9. Theater safety and management.