Rehearsal Ⅲ

This course is an important study of theater practices, and it is also a course in which students of the Department of Drama apply all they have learned in terms of theory and practice. The main contents of the course includes discussion of scripts performed and venues at which they were performed, script analysis, and an understanding of the venue facilities at which performances have taken place, the creative concepts and expressions of directors, the formulation of plans of various departments for play performances, the selection and assignment of performance staff and the division of work, the rehearsal of the actors and execution of behind-the-scenes work, the integration of theatrical performances, review and modification, and learning how to practice performing to an audience. The main aims are:
1. Learning to direct and rehearse plays.
2. Stage design and production, costume production, lighting and sound, and the mutual cooperation and coordination of theater administration.
3. Learning the practical operations of troupe performances.
4. The whole class adopts an overall cooperation approach, to produce a realistic stage play performance.