Topics on Stage Design

Design is an age-old industry, and it is also a special industry. As an age-old industry, in both Chinese and Western design culture, design and art are related industries. Stage design and the theater have very close relationships, and theatrical performances are an expression of a diversified and lively art. The same script can be expressed in many different ways, because the script is the original foundation of the theatrical performance. Whether or not the roles of characters in a play have an attractive appeal, whether or not the plot is compact, its related story background and the scenes performed should be relatively clear. For the performance of a play, after the script has been decided, we must begin to prepare the stage-related design work, and start holding various technical meetings and stage design work.
As for stage design topics, this course studies foundational stage design for discussion of theory, discussing how the stage design professions are defined and how the stage professions came to be. We also discuss stage design and art's common foundation, and the use of stage space, paying special attention to practical backgrounds, and exploring the sense of beauty and style to be found in space.