Topics on Taiwanese Modern Drama

The germination and development of modern theater in Japan, China and Taiwan, repeatedly branded and rebranded the transmission and interpretation of cross-cultural theater. The teaching content of this course includes the cross-cultural influence of the modern drama of Japan, Europe, and the United States on the formation and development of modern Chinese drama. It deals with how modern theater in Taiwan began in the period from 1920 to 1049, through the influences of colonial Japanese theater and Taiwan's ancestral mainland Chinese theater, and the Important intercultural text translations and performances of Taiwanese playwrights during this period, in the expectation that through the study of historical data and the comparison of Western originals and adaptations, students will have a clear grasp of the relevant drama and theater history, and the effectiveness of the commentaries and interpretations of Taiwanese playwrights' cross-cultural adaptations, and will be able to further uncover new topics of cross-cultural theater.