Studies on Chinese Operas

Chinese opera is a treasure of theatrical culture, with an extraordinary appeal that has lasted more than eight hundred years on the stage. For the present era, the classical texts of poetic hearts can be transformed into the surging fountain of modern sentiment. The powerful energy of Chinese operatic performances, where every sound is like a song and every action like a dance, can be used to express the role characters' inner tensions, beautiful theatrical poems, moving voices, concise performances, superb skills of gliding through the air, colorful costumes and make-up, types of operatic facial makeup, modeling, free gesture and suggestion, and symbolic art forms, achieved with a performance of musical synthesis. In this course, Teacher Wu Xing-guo holds a cordial discussion of theater. The curtain is drawn back on the mysterious beauty of the theater, through appreciation of classic plays, to experience the implications and significance of words and actions therein.