EN CH Departments
    The College of Fine Arts
    Department of Fine Arts (Bachelor, Master, Graduate School of Printmaking)
    Department of Painting Calligraphy (Bachelor, Master, PhD, Graduate School of Plastic Arts)
    Department of Sculpture(Bachelor, Master)
    Department of Architecture Art Conservation(Bachelor, Master)
    The College of Design
    Department of Visual Communication Design(Bachelor, Master)
    Department of Crafts and Design(Bachelor, Master)
    Department of Multimedia and Animation Arts(Bachelor, Graduate School of Animation Art, Graduate School of New Media Art)
     Graduate School of Creative Industry Design(PhD)
    The College of Communication
    Department of Graphic Communication Arts(Bachelor, Master)
    Department of Radio and Television(Bachelor, Master, Graduate School of Applied Media Arts)
    Department of Motion Picture(Bachelor, Master)
    The College of Performing Arts
    Department of Drama (Bachelor, Master, Graduate School of Performing Arts)
    Department of Music(Bachelor, Master)
    Department of Chinese Music(Bachelor, Master)
    Department of Dance(Bachelor, Master)
    Graduate School of Performing Arts(PhD)
    College of Humanities
    Graduate School of Art Management and Culture Policy (Master,PhD)
    Graduate School of Art and Humanities Instruction (Master)
    General Education Center
    Physical Education Center
    Teacher Education Center