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Department of Dance(Bachelor, Master)

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E-Mail: dance@ntua.edu.tw

Introduction -
Department of Dance at National Taiwan Academy of Arts was formed in 1970 and it was first recruited graduates from high schools. In 1977, a five-year junior college dance program was established, and recruited junior high school graduates who were talented in dance. The four-year college dance program under the name of National Taiwan Academy of Arts started in 1994, and the name was changed to National Taiwan University of Arts started in 2001.

Our dance majors have been encouraged to participate in international dance performances such as Hungarian Dance Festivals, Nureyev Ballet Competition, British Oriental Dance Festival, Poland International Folk Dance Competition as well as the South Africa International Folk Dance Competition, ACDFA in U.S.A., and student efforts have yielded remarkable results. In 2002, our school became the first university in Asia to be invited to perform in the Kennedy Center in New York since the National American College Dance Festival was established 20 years ago. In 2005, the Da-Guan Dance Theater was established under the Department of Dance of NTUA, in order to give alumni opportunities to present the results of their efforts, we have welcomed both dance alumni to perform and present their choreographies with related artists with multimedia, drama, music specialties to collaborate in various dance performances.

Focus of the Department -
The faculty of the Department of Dance devote themselves to implement the three major aspects of dance: creation, performance and education. The staff members vigorously encourage dance majors to work on their academic studies in dance. For this reason, we organize regular academic conferences for the students to practice emulate their research skills. Hence, the Department of Dance is the first program in Taiwan that emphasizing academic dance studies. The Dance Department is also active in participating international dance festivals, competitions, and seminars held by foreign countries.

The Dance Department is also committed to helping the surrounding community in providing community service. For example, our department occasionally cooperates with The Lin Family Garden and the New Taipei City Government in various community-oriented events. We also occasionally perform in schools and make an annual graduation tour performance around Taiwan.

Faculty -
Su-Fen Wu, Chairperson in Dance, Professor
Academic Background: M.A. in Dance, University of California, Los Angeles
Specialty: Ballet, Repertories of Ballet, Ballet Pedagogy, Ensemble and Performances

Kuei-Chuan Yang, Professor
M.A. in Dance, University of California, Los Angeles
Specialty: Modern Dance, Dance Composition

Mei-Ling Chu, Professor
Academic Background: Ph.D., St. Mary's University of Minnesota
Specialty: Modern Dance, Dance Improvisation, Dance Education Theory, Dance Pedagogy

Hsiu-Chen Lin, Professor
Academic Background: MFA, Texas Christian University
Specialty: Chinese Dance, Chinese Dance History

Jao-Hsun Tseng, Associate Professor
Academic Background: MFA in Dance, Lindenwood University
Specialty: Chinese Dance, Chinese Dance Repertories

Yu-Lin Tu, Lecturer
Academic Background: MFA in Dance, Texas Christian University
Specialty: Ballet, Ballet Technique

Pei-Yu Chang, Lecturer
Academic Background: MA in Dance, National Taiwan University of Arts
Specialty: Chinese Dance, Introduction to Dance

Course of Bachelor -
Modern Dance
Chinese Dance
Dance Improvisation
Introduction to Dance
Music for Dance
Dance Composition
Chinese Dance History
Western Dance History
Theatre Theory and Practice
Dance Anatomy
Costumes for Dance
Dance and Multimedia
Theatrical Art
Movement Analysis
Prevention and Treatment of Dance Injuries
Theatrical Image Design
Administration for Dance
Laban Notation
Repertories of Chinese Dance
Chinese Dance TechniqueⅠ
Ballet TechnicalⅠ
Research Methods and Thesis Writings
Repertories of Modern Dance
Modern Dance TechnicalⅠ
Dance Composition
Dance Teaching Pedagogy
Teaching Practice of Dance
Chinese Dance Technique
Study in Ballet Styles
Study in Modern Dance Styles
Graduation Project
Dance Production
Ethnic Dance
Dance Teaching Pedagogy
Teaching Practice of Dance

Course of Master -
Studies on Dance Composition
Studies on Dance Techniques
Aesthetics in Dance
Dance Theories and Application
Seminar on Western Dance History
Research Methods
Dance Anthropology
Dance Somatics
Dance Pedagogy
Seminar on Oriental Dance History
Application of Dance Technique
Theories in Dance Education
Music Studies Dance
Dance Composition
Dance and Multimedia
Arts Management
Movement Exploration
Seminar on Taiwanese Dance History
Dance Seminar on Related Arts and Human Sciences
Psychology in Dance
Repertory Studies in Dance
Dance Images and Styles
Teaching Practice of Dance
Dance and Interdisciplinary Production
Choreoecology in Dance
Seminar on Dance Techniques
Dance Philosophy
The Special Subject Research in Dance Education
Dance Ensemble and Performances