NTUA Past and Present

NTUA Past and Present

The last half a century of development at NTUA developed in parallel with Modern Taiwan Art History. Our institution now has the longest history of any art institution in Taiwan, as well as the most specialized fields of study.

In the early history of the school, many well-known and accomplished artists taught at NTUA, creating an entirely new environment in which the arts could develop. The masters who made up the first faculty team then produced countless new talent. A great number of famous directors have graduated from NTUA, including 78th Oscar Award Best Director Winner Ang Lee. And there have been countless musicians, artists and designers, too.

NTUA was established as the National School of Arts on October 31, 1955. In 1960, the name was changed to the National Academy of Arts, and then in August 1994 to the National College of Arts was established. The institution took on its present name on August 1, 2001. Education at our institution emphasizes humanistic thinking, creative production, theoretical analysis and hands-on practice. In terms of scope, education includes the local and the international, the avant garde and the traditional, the creative and the commercial, and the theoretical and the practical.

Our university is made up of five colleges which include the College of Fine Arts, the College of Design, the College of Communications, the College of Performing Arts, and the College of Humanities. In addition to day division undergraduate programs and graduate programs, there are also Extended Bachelor Degree Courses (evenings), two-year in-service BA programs, and in-service MA programs. The university employs about 185 staff members, 191 full-time faculty members, and 706 part-time teachers. The university is home to about 5400 students.