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The National Taiwan University of Arts is the first arts university in Taiwan that encompasses the College of Mass Communication and Media, the College of Fine Arts, the College of Performing Arts and the College of Design. Since its inception, it has been actively promoting interactions among communities, schools and enterprises in the hope of vitalizing the development of local cultural arts through the harvest and mentality of its academic studies. The Dance Department is the first government-run dance institute in Taiwan, previously the School of Dance of the National Taiwan Academy of Arts. Under elaborate planning and leadership of department heads such as Professor Tian-min Li and Professor Feng-xue Liu, various kinds of dance knowledge has been taught with the aim of fostering professional dance artists.

To reinforce the understanding and applications of dance-related knowledge, the department offers courses such as eastern and western dance history, choreography, motion analysis, arts administration, and theatre practicum. Students therefore can be more exposed to diversified dance knowledge and virtuoso technique. The department has recruited some gifted students from dance class or students with dance foundation in recent years. Other than academic courses, our faculty conducts series technique courses, and emphasizes inspiring education on dance composition skills.

A series program on "Student Creative Showcase" is held from April to May annually to prompt students to actualize their creative thinking through individual body language. The annual performance, joint-teachers showcase and academic forums organized in academic year are all results of the effort the faculty has put into the teaching courses, creativity and academic researches.

Notable achievements have been scored in our striving to expand dance cultural exchanges through frequent local or overseas performances on invitation.

In 2005, we took a step forward by establishing Da-Guan Dance Theatre. An array of professional disciplines on campus like multi-media, drama, music and fine arts were all integrated for its performances, opening up a new horizon on the art of dance.

With its sophisticated productions, Da-Guan Dance Theater has enlarged dance audience, boosted international cultural exchanges, transcended language, cultural and racial barriers while incorporating the essence of eastern and western cultures. The troupe has surely led the Taiwan dance trend and bringing itself to the professional performance level of international standard.


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